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The 1921 and 1941 Routers


The 1900 series router is Cisco's entry level Gen 2 ISR. This small, desktop form-factor router is designed for small businesses and branch locations that want the features, power and uniformity of a Cisco router, but don't necessarily need the hardware support for enterprise or datacenter levels of traffic.



1921 Series 


The base model of the 1900 series is the 1921, which comes equipped with 2 gigabit WAN ports, 2 EHWIC expansion slots, 512MB of DDR2 DRAM, and available PoE for access points of VoIP phones. More details on this router are available on our 1921 product information page, including specs, features, and pricing.  


General Specifications


Onboard LAN/WAN 10/100/1000 Ports (RJ-45)



EHWIC slots

2 (or 1 Doublewide)


Memory (DRAM)



Internal USB Flash Memory



External USB Flash Memory Slots



Console Ports

1 Serial

1 USB (mini)



1941 Series 


The 1941 expands on this entry level model by including an Integrated Services Module and more memory, for scenarios that require a VPN module or other accessories. The 1941W adds wireless antennas and services to the 1941 platform, making it an ideal all-in-one business router for small networks. For additional information on the 1941, check out our 1941 product information page.



General Specifications


Onboard GE 10/100/1000 WAN ports



RJ-45 Ports



EHWIC slots

2 (or 1 doublewide)


ISM Slots

1 (0 on Cisco 1941W)


Memory (ECC DRAM)

512 MB default/ 2.0 GB maximum


External Compact Flash

256 MB default/ 8.0 GB maximum (4 GB per slot)


External USB flash memory slots



Console ports

1 USB (mini type B)

1 Serial


Serial Aux Ports




More Info 


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Cisco 1900 Routers


Cisco 1921 ISR Router

Cisco 1921 Router with 2 EHWIC slots.

License: IP Base



Cisco 1921 ISR Security Router

Cisco 1921 Security bundle with 2 EHWIC slots.

License: IP Base, SEC



Cisco 1941 ISR Router

Cisco 1941 router with 2 EHWIC slots.

License: IP Base



Cisco 1941 ISR Security Router

Cisco 1941 Security Bundle with 2 EHWIC slots.

License: IP Base, SEC