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Industry Solutions: Education Networks

With so many high-bandwidth applications being used, education and research institutions are in need of high-performance networks more than ever before. Internet-based learning increases the demand placed on networks, even as general budgets decline. P3 Systems can help universities and community colleges stretch their budgets without sacrificing best-in-class technology.

Network Backbone

With email, instant messaging and streaming video now being the new standard methods of Internet communication between students and teachers, and legislation increasing demands for business intelligence applications, education networks need a scalable, high-performance core. P3 Systems is here to help you put high-performance in your budget.

IP Telephony

In times of crisis, it's absolutely imperative to have updated communication systems throughout school systems. With P3 Systems' extensive inventory of used Cisco IP phones at more than half off manufacturer's prices, many are turning to VoIP to solve their communication system needs.

Remote Locations

You can upgrade routers in classrooms and also remote locations for far less than manufacturer costs. P3 Systems also offers an affordable maintenance program, which is ideal for providing protection for edge or access level equipment.

Extended Upgrade Cycle

As always, P3 Systems continues to provide and support equipment beyond the manufacturer end-of-life dates. Eliminating forced upgrades and extending upgrade cycles from three to five years drastically reduces costs, allowing organizations to fund other critical services for students.