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Leasing & Financing

Leasing programs help lower your technology total cost and enable you to acquire critical equipment within limited capital budgets.

P3 leasing programs enable you to order equipment when desired, cut capital expenses and stay current with technology - simplifying the financing process.

Our leasing programs provide:

  • Low risk: No long-term commitment to equipment that could become obsolete. Lets you stay up-to-date in fast-changing areas.
  • Flexiblilty: P3 caters to your individual needs. Terms are structured for you - line of credit terms, length of time of the line of credit, lease periods, payments (monthly, quarterly, etc.), upgrade or technology "refresh" provisions and purchase, re-lease and return options.
  • Convenience: Once your terms are set all you need to do is identify the equipment and when you need it. Upgrade your equipment you want when it makes sense for your organization.

Our team is available every step of the way from planning and ordering through day-to-day management, end-of-terms and beyond. P3 lease programs give you maximum flexibility throughout the leasing process including this important phase giving you seamless upgrade paths or a low cost extensions and/or buy outs. There are no overlapping rentals in our lease programs and very few, if any, charges levied for returned equipment. P3 will arrange the pick-up of expired equipment and help with the audit process.

Best of all, we manage the disposal process from beginning to end.

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