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To our new visitors...

Welcome to P3 Systems! We’re making a strategic change, recreating and re-branding our online presence, while enhancing the products and services we provide for our customers. Our goal is simple... provide efficient, fully functional, and competitively priced products serving the needs of our customers. We've worked diligently to create a solutions and service based company and website, aiming to become an industry leader in the network and data center space. We've integrated the strategies of multiple divisions of our business, in order to better yours. When we say our strategy is in our name, we mean it! We've adopted a “P3 System” in our business model, which has helped to create a vision of who we are, and where we’re going.

Our customers want the products they need at a reasonable price and available in large quantities.

We strive to become a market leader in providing for both of those needs! Our sales team analyzes market trends on a daily basis. They ensure we have constant access to the hottest hardware commodities on the market, purchased at the right price and available in quantities to meet our customers’ needs.

Our customers want the best value possible - price is an essential decision point in product acquisition.

Doesn’t it often come down to price and availability? Add to that piece of mind and you’ve found what you’re looking for. From our beginning in 2006, we’ve kept this business principle in the forefront. Our sales force has developed strong and strategic relationships with multiple vendors, allowing us to become a significant player in the hardware marketplace, acquiring product at very competitive pricing. Our attentiveness to market trends has allowed us to react quickly, in order to provide optimum savings for you, our customers. Cost savings received may allow you additional options such as expedited U.S. shipping, the ability to purchase more products, or moving to purchase new equipment.

Our customers want minimized risk with maximum performance and customer satisfaction.

We take care in all operations in order to first earn and then retain your business. Our sales team will be attentive to your needs. Our Engineers provide extensive testing and diagnostic procedures to ensure that what you’ve purchased arrives to you in a tested and operational state, allowing for quick and seamless integration. Our logistics and operations team know how to pack, protect, and properly ship your hardware, from something as small as a data module, to pallet-sized shipments.

What really makes P3 Systems the company we are today, is our customers.

We’re here to assist you and your network equipment and service needs in any way we can. Please browse our site, and check out the products and services we have to offer. We hope that you choose P3 Systems for all of your hardware and data center needs!