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P3 Systems, Inc. Becomes Official Partner with ADTRAN

P3 Systems is pleased to announce it’s partnership with ADTRAN, Inc., a well-known global provider of networking and communications equipment. ADTRAN serves both the public and private sectors in government, education, healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing, hospitality, energy, and transportation markets.

Like P3, ADTRAN offers solutions for data, voice and Internet communications across network infrastructures, including wireless, copper, and fiber. With locations throughout the United States, ADTRAN achieves a deep “commitment to quality” that offers clientele cost-effective and reliable products and services.

ADTRAN has an extensive inventory of network equipment that serves large businesses as well as small and mid-sized enterprises. This partnership means optimized service for all of your needs. With longevity in telecom equipment business, P3 and ADTRAN will make it easier and economical to maintain a productive workspace and plan for industry advancements in the future.

For more information, visit ADTRAN and see how P3’s partnership with this leading company can provide you with even more benefits for your company or organization.

IT and Ethics: Buying Used from Secondary Dealers is OK

According to the February 21 article by Network World, IT professionals constantly face the challenges of remaining ethical in their day-to-day business practices.

One area directly addressed is the issue of buying new and used gear from unauthorized or non-affiliated equipment dealers. Especially with declining IT budgets, purchasing used can be a huge money saver.

Authorized dealers and official vendors often question companies that sell used and refurbished gear. However, secondary market dealers reassure that all equipment is equal in quality and operates as well as new equipment. A majority of IT professionals actually agree with used hardware dealers.

Image from networkworld.com

Network World’s extensive ethics survey found that 72 percent of individuals do not consider it unethical to purchase pre-owned network gear from “unauthorized” dealers.

When it comes to purchasing new network gear from unauthorized dealers, 57 percent of the IT professionals surveyed said it is not unethical to buy through that type of channel, either.

Image from networkworld.com

Concern over purchasing counterfeit networking gear was universal. A whopping 87 percent of respondents claimed that purchasing fake equipment is unethical. Additionally, counterfeit units can be risky – having frequent malfunctions and laced with malware.

P3 Systems does not accept, resell, or lease counterfeit gear. During our comprehensive testing process, any suspicious equipment goes through further inspection and documentation. P3 strictly ensures that all of our products are 100% genuine and meet factory requirements.

We support law enforcement and other organizations that aim to fight industry-wide counterfeiting issues. For more information visit P3’s website here and find out how purchasing pre-owned can be of benefit.

IT Financing and Leasing Continue to Grow

In 2009, Network World’s article titled “IT shops borrow money, lease in droves as recession strains budgets” addressed the growing trend of the IT financing and leasing market.

Even as the current economy is making a comeback, leasing IT equipment is here to stay. In 2008, “$88 billion of IT hardware, software and services was financed or leased” according to the article’s author, Jon Brodkin.

The benefits of leasing IT hardware and services are abundant. First, companies and organizations can delay the costs of purchasing entire sets of new networking equipment. And thanks to the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, tax incentives are easier to come by. Various groups can take advantage of leasing IT equipment. Be it large multinational corporations, small private firms, ISP providers, healthcare organizations or government agencies, each can gain from the growing popularity.

Leading IT vendors such as IBM, Dell and HP have seen the pros of IT financing. These large vendors have leased or provided loans to Fortune 500 companies, and other successful firms that simply want their business to expand.

Plus, remaining ecologically aware is simple. For instance, HP assists their patrons by discarding their outdated equipment for them. Customers do not have to worry about e-waste, and are left reassured that all data is erased.

Leasing pre-owned IT hardware can offer the exact same benefits. This option cuts down on costs even more. Secondary market leaders such as P3 Systems have extensive asset recovery and leasing solutions to fit any organization’s IT needs.