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Equipment Repair

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P3 Systems provides its customers’ with network hardware and data center equipment that is competitively priced and functions at an optimum level. If we encounter any network hardware that does not pass our quality control measures, we will immediately run physical and technical diagnostic procedures in order to determine the cause and then take reparative actions to restore the device to a good-as-new status.

The P3 Systems Advantage

Brand Experience

P3 engineers are experienced in working with data center hardware from the biggest names in the industry:

  • Cisco
  • Riverbed (including Steelhead)
  • Brocade
  • HP
  • AdTran
  • Sun
  • Juniper
  • Dell


Product Knowledge

P3 Systems staff is trained on a wide variety of IT equipment residing in the network and data center space:

  • Routers - Cisco routers, wireless routers, VPN routers, ASR devices, WAN routers, edge network routers, small business routers, and other industry-leading routers
  • Switches - Including Cisco gigabit switches, PoE switches, Ethernet switches, fully managed switches, small and large business switches, and many more.
  • Telephony - Including VoIP, SIP, Cisco conferencing stations, Cisco Unified Communications Series, Cisco Telepresence equipment, and many more
  • Wireless - Cisco access points, antennas, LAN controllers, wireless bridges, and many more.
  • Security & Servers - UCS equipment, ASA platforms, firewall systems, intrusion prevention, and more.
  • Accessories - Including PVDM and SFP modules, VWIC / EHWIC cards, NM / SM modules, AP mounting kits, Cisco cables, Cisco Slot Covers, router and switch rack mounts.


Superior Services and Procedures

Our team provides testing and repair services to better assist you and your business:

-Running thorough diagnostic testing on all components of your network hardware. We inspect and test all power supplies, fan modules, Ethernet ports, status LEDs, physical buttons, and internal components of all network routers and switches we receive.

-Making common repairs such as fixing or replacing faceplates and Ethernet ports on routers and switches damaged from misuse or transport. Common pieces of hardware our engineers encounter include Cisco 2960 series switches, Cisco 2900 series routers, ASR1000 routers, and many more types of data center hardware.

-Our team is trained on how to repair and restore telephony hardware including Cisco IP phones, VoIP service devices, Cisco Telepresence equipment, conferencing stations, and more. We often restore pre-owned Cisco telephony by replacing or repairing damaged displays, speakers, stands, and buttons.


Do you have surplus network and data center equipment? Learn how we can help you trade in your unused equipment with our Asset Recovery Program