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      New Surplus: This product standard refers to new and/or unopened products. These products will have no cosmetic damage, and have the same quality and presentation as units purchased directly from the manufacturer.
      Refurbished: Products referred to as refurbished are ‘good as new,’ but do not ship in their original packaging. A product may have minor blemishes from previous ownership, but will otherwise function with ‘out of factory’ quality.
      Legacy/End-of-Life: This product standard refers to retired equipment that is no longer supported by the manufacturer and/or is no longer available new. Due to its age, legacy/end-of-life products may have varying degrees of cosmetic damage, but will still operate seamlessly with new or existing network infrastructures.

        Cisco Excess: Cisco’s official used hardware brand, the Cisco Excess program provides hardware at a significantly reduced costs to a select group of resellers. This equipment is indistinguishable from new hardware, and is relicensed by Cisco for resale. As a Cisco Excess reseller, P3 Systems can supply you and your business with the highest quality used hardware on the market, at a fraction of the cost. 
        Secondary Market Vendors: If you are looking for a hard to find product, P3 Systems can source nearly any networking product through our network industry partners. Whether you need top of the line hardware or legacy equipment, we can quickly supply appliances and components from any manufacture.
        Buybacks: We procure a variety of products from large and small organizations undergoing network upgrades, liquidations, and downgrades. These products vary in cosmetic condition, but go through extensive refurbishment and are guaranteed to perform like new.




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