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Network Services

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The P3 Systems engineering team provides our customers resources that go beyond just providing them with some of the best network hardware and data center equipment in the market today. We offer planning and configuration services to better integrate our network hardware with our customers networking needs. We offer assistance and recommendations to our customers who are upgrading or making modifications to their data center network. We view our expertise as another commodity we’re willing to provide our customers, and in a wide variety of ways:

Brand Recommendation -

We can help assess your network and then provide the recommendation as to which of the major brands is best suited for your business needs. Our team has product knowledge in all major brands including Cisco, Adtran, Riverbed, Sun, Brocade, Juniper, HP, and Dell.


Pre-configured Network Equipment -

Our team can configure your Cisco router, Ethernet switch, and other network equipment to the appropriate settings you need, allowing for quicker implementation and integration of your network and data center hardware. Generally, we will configure a device so that it can be reached remotely by your administrator, or install one of your pre-existing configurations on a device. We can, however, work with your engineers to map out your network requirements and build new configurations from scratch if the need arises. Some examples of devices our engineers can pre-load are:


-Cisco Integrated Service Routers
-Cisco 2960S Series Ethernet Switches
-Cisco ASR1000 Routers
-Wireless LAN Controllers


Hands Free Administration

Our aim is to help eliminate our customer's need to deploy network administrators to new installations for physical access to new hardware. Let us do the leg work, and your switch, router, or access points will be ready to plug and play, right out of the box, saving you time and money. Along with the configuration of your network equipment, P3 Systems will provide detailed diagrams and wiring instructions for your network hardware, ensuring all devices are connected properly, even if your installation technician has limited experience.

  • Routers - Cisco routers such as the 1900 and 2900 series, wireless routers, VPN and WAN routers, small business routers

  • Switches - Cisco switches such as 2960 and 3560 series, PoE switches, fully managed switches, small and large business switches

  • Wireless Hardware - Including WLAN Access Points, wireless controllers

    Accessory Recommendations

    Our P3 engineers are here to help provide insight and suggestions as well as answer any questions regarding network equipment and data center hardware. As an added value, our team will offer suggestions on hardware accessories to better optimize your network. Cisco hardware is built on scalability, so sometimes the best value for your dollar comes from accessorizing a less expensive unit, rather than buying a fixed-configuration device. Some accessories we may suggest include:


    Upgrading PVDM modules Adding SFP modules to your network
    VWIC / EHWIC upgrades Acquiring NM / SM modules
    Cisco network cabling options AP mounting kits
    Router and Switch rack mounts

    We’re here to assist you in any way we can, contact us today.