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P3 Systems Asset Recovery Program


A Difference Maker

P3 Systems works to be a leader in the networking and datacenter hardware industry by providing services that surpass those of our competitors. If you’re looking to buy or sell routers, switches, telephony, wireless, security appliance gear, or any other data center hardware, we’ve got the means to simplify this for you with our superior logistical strategies we’ve put in place.


Experience and Training

Every logistics team member at P3 Systems goes through an extensive training program to ensure that we’re fully capable of inspecting, protecting, and shipping every network router, PoE switch, wireless access point, telephony device, or any other piece of network equipment we handle. Employees are given hands-on development training programs to maximize output, and eliminate any logistical issues.


Delivery Methods

We encounter brands like Cisco, Riverbed, Juniper, Dell, HP, and others daily, and have been trained to inspect, protect, and ship a wide range of network and data center hardware. Our employees can send and receive gear ranging from pallets of Cisco routers, switches, and telephony, down to smaller, more delicate packages of SFP and PVDM modules. We also have the ability to send and receive network hardware on a global scale. We’ve shipped network routers, switches, VoIP telephones, and servers to countries like the UK, China, and Australia. We also offer same day or expedited shipping- we’ll get your networking hardware to you when and where you need it.


Providing Supplies

One of our key differentiators at P3 Systems is how simple we make the shipping process for our customers. We can supply our customers with the materials that will allow you to securely ship any router, switch, telephone, server, or wireless device you may have. If necessary, we’ll send shipping boxes, protective wrap and tape, as well as a return label- we’ll even coordinate courier pickups to your location.


Our employees encounter products from Cisco and other network hardware providers daily, and we know how to get them to their destination safely. For example, if you’re looking to ship us a Cisco WS-C3750X-24T-S switch and two CISCO2911 network routers, but are concerned about in-transit damage, our team sends protective materials based on the dimensions of each piece of network equipment. You’ll receive boxes sized to fit your data center hardware, along with the right amount of protective, anti-static materials to help protect the hardware as it ships to its destination. Our goal is to make this process as easy for you as possible.


If you’re shipping with P3 Systems, and you’ve got questions on how ship a router, switch, telephone, or any network hardware made by Cisco or another hardware provider, please reach out to our logistics team today!