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SKU: UCS-CPU-E5-2620C Product Line: Cisco UCS
  • Cisco UCS-CPU-E5-2620C Xeon Processor

Product Overview

The UCS-CPU-E5-2620C CPU is a Cisco supported Intel CPU for UCS Blade Servers.  Launched in 2012, This processor, intel part number E5-2620, is a popular option for the UCS platform. This 6 core Xeon CPU has a base frequency of  2 GHz, with an Intel QPI speed of 7.20 GT/s, a 15MB cache and support for DDR3 DIMMs up to 1333-MHz.


This UCS-CPU-E5-2620C processor ships as a stand-alone unit without heat sink, tools or thermal paste. If this CPU is not being purchased as a replacement or spare, and a heat sink is required, you will need to separately order a UCSB-HS-01-EP heat sink for the UCS b200 and B420 M3 blade servers. Other optional accessories include the UCS-CPU-GREASE= official UCS thermal grease, and UCSX-HSCK= heat sink cleaning kit for use during CPU replacement.


If you need more information regarding CPU replacement in your UCS, please reach out to our engineers for assistance - we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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