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Spares Program

Just as you choose a life insurance policy to provide for your family, your company needs life insurance on its networks. Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What level of network device failure can my company absorb?
  2. What cost to the company bottom line is acceptable (in equipment, downtime, lost productivity, etc.)?

Mission critical networking components are often covered by support contracts, but other parts of your network may better be covered by your providing in-house spares. Before you renegotiate your next service support contract, identify which parts of your network infrastructure must be supported by contract and which subordinate equipment could be supported better with in-house spares.

What is your company's network management style: proactive or reactive? The pro-active approach would be to anticipate problems and have equipment spares on-site in the event they are needed to swap out failed equipment. The re-active approach is to NOT utilize on-site spares, but rather respond to the frantic phone calls and email notices demanding you get the network back up and running! Reactive approach managers order replacement equipment through their vendor. If purchased through this channel, they may have to wait if it's not in stock.

Having the right network equipment spares on hand before you need them can save you, as well as your company, both time and money. The process of acquiring, storing, deploying, and managing your spare parts inventory need not be a costly expense. Refurbished equipment is readily available to serve as your spares. At P3 Systems, we can provide you with tested refurbished spare equipment, both before and after equipment failures.