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  • Cisco ONS 15600-ASAP-CC MSSP Carrier Card (New, Used, and Refurbished)

Product Overview

The Cisco 15600 series Multiservice Switching Platform provides a simple and powerful solution for bandwidth management in regional and metro core applications, combining the features of several metro appliances into a single carrier grade platform.

The 15600-ASAP-CC is a ONS Carrier Card, providing processing and interface card slots to any of the ONS 15600 chassis I/O slots. The 15600-ASAP-CC carrier card has a maximum capacity of 40Gbps, and can hold up to 4 ASAP-4PIO or ASAP-1PIO modules. The ASAP-4PIO supports up to 4 SFP optics, while the ASAP-1PIO supports a single XFP transceiver.  

Up to Eight of these 15600-ASAP-CC carrier cards can be used per shelf assembly. 


Gigabit Interface Configurations:

(Four PIO cards, 1x XFP or 4x SFP per card)

16 SFP
12 SFP + 1 XFP
8 SFP + 2 XFP
4 SFP + 3 XFP

802.1Q VLAN Support

Tunneled VLANs (not terminated)

802.1Q VLAN Filtering

No (VLANs are tunneled)


Yes (VLANs are tunneled)

Frame Size

MTU 9600 bytes

Rate Limiting

STS-1 level incremental rate limiting: STS-1, 3c, 6c, 9c, 24c, 48c

Power Draw

200W Max with 4 PIO Cards

Card Weight

5.5 lbs

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