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Cisco CP-7940G

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  • P3 Systems Cisco 7940G

Product Overview

Since its release, the Cisco 7940G Series Unified IP Phone has become one of the most popular and widely deployed VoIP phones ever produced. Although its sleek design, impressive feature set, and excellent call quality might suggest that this device is only suited to office and call center deployments, the 7940G is rugged and dependable enough to be deployed anywhere from retail environments to warehouses and shops.


The 7940G is resilient and cost effective, making it an ideal choice for mission critical, high volume deployments. The 7940G provides 2 programmable line buttons, as well as 4 soft keys for feature navigation - making it a highly customizable and affordable option for large scale operations. With support for speaker phone, headsets and headsets, a large LCD display and 7914 expansion module compatibility, the 7940 can be customized to fit nearly any application. 7940G IP phones ship standard with Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP) - Cisco's proprietary call control system designed for use with the UCS system , but it is fairly simple to install alternative software, such as SIP or MGCP. Because of this software versatility, 7940's are supported by most third party VoIP and sip trunking service providers - making them ideal for telecommuters and small office environments where an on-site call management system is impractical, but VoIP is a must.


Cisco 7940G Features


8.2" x 10.5" x 6"


3.5 lb

Power Requirements

48v DC (PoE or CP-PWR-CUBE-3)

Number of Lines



LCD - Greyscale

Protocol Support


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