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You can also email purchasing@p3online.com, or call us at 866-957-7373


Our Buyback Process


1. You request a value assessment

Contact our asset recovery team and let us know what type of network hardware you’re trying to sell. We work with top name brands like Cisco, Brocade, Juniper, HP, and many more. Our goal is to provide you with an estimate within 24 hours of receipt of your list of your network equipment.


2. We provide a hardware review and estimated valuation

Once our team reviews and evaluates your network hardware, we’ll respond to you with our valuation. We’ll present our findings of your network hardware in a formal quote. Once accepted, we’ll send you a Purchase Order containing payment terms, shipping speed, and a line-by-line breakdown on the value of your network equipment.


3. We assist/handle logistics

One of the key differentiators of you using P3 Systems for your asset recovery is our superior logistics team. Our team can supply you with return shipping labels, schedule courier pickups at your location, and provide you with best-practice tips on how to safely pack and ship your network hardware. If necessary, we can supply you with shipping materials such as boxes, protective packaging, and industrial tape. We have experience shipping items ranging from Cisco switches and telephony hardware, to Riverbed and Brocade servers. Selling from NYC? Not a problem - We buy IT hardware from Brooklyn, Manhattan, or wherever your business requires. Our logistics experts know the unique challanges that come from selling hardware in New York City, and will work with you to ensure a hassle-free pickup. From parcels to pallets, we make it easy. 

4. We inspect and test your equipment

When your network hardware arrives to our facility, we conduct a physical and technical inspection of your surplus IT equipment. We first check to ensure no damage occurred in shipping. From there, we securely clear all sensitive information and network configuration from your hardware, and submit them to our testing process. After all network devices go through our testing and refurbishment procedures (as necessary), we will present you with a summation of our findings.


5. We pay you

When you agree to our post inspection and testing payment offer, our Accounts Payable Department will process your payment quickly and efficiently. We strive to have one of the fastest and most efficient Asset Recovery programs in the market today, and work hard so you receive payment fast.


Contact our Purchasing Team today to see how we can make the asset recovery process easy for you, while maximizing the cash value of the surplus network equipment you have! You can call in, email us, or fill out our Sell To Us Form available via the link below.



Network Hardware We Buy



We buy all major Cisco routers and router bundles, including the cisco 1900, 2900, and 3900 series of integrated services routers, older 1800 and 2800 series routers, and newer ASR1000 and ASR 9000 Aggregation Services routers.  (1921, 1941, 2901, 2921, 2951, 3925, 3945, ASR1001, 2821, 2851, etc.)



We buy a variety of Cisco switches, including gigabit, 10G, Stacking, and PoE switches. Switching lines we commonly buy include the popular 2960, 3560 and 3750 series, including variants such as the 2960S, 2960X, 3560G, 3560X, 3750G, and 3750X. We also buy Cisco enterprise switches, such as the 3850, Metro Ethernet switches, and Nexus Series. (2960s-48fpd-l, 2960x-48fps-l, 3560g-48ps-s, 3750g-24ps-s, 3750x-48pf-s, N2k-c2232pp-10gen5k-c5548up-fa, etc.)


VoIP Phones

 From VoIP conference phones such as the 8831 and 7937, to desk lines such as the popular 7900 series, 7800 series, and 8900 Series. We also buy used video conferencing solutions from the Cisco Telepresence (CTS) product line, including the SX20 and EX90.
(CP-7960G, CP-7962, CP-7945, CP-7937G, CP-8831-K9, CP-8945, CP-7821, CP-7841, CTS-SX20-PHD4X-K9, etc.)

Wireless Hardware

P3 buys both lightweight and autonomous Access Points from the AIR-CAP 2602 and 3702 to older AIR-LAP models, as well as a variety of cisco Wireless Lan Controllers (wlc) including the 2504 and 5500 controllers. (CAP3502i-a-k9, CAP3702i, CAP3602, AIR-CT2504, AIR-CT5508, etc.) 


Cisco Accessories

We buy all types of cisco accessories, including Cisco SFP Adapters, EHWIC and VWIC cards, Cisco NM and Cisco SM Modules, Power Supply and Fan Accesories, and cableing such as stackwise and flex-stack accessories. (SFP-10G-LR, X2-10GB-LR, GLC-SX-MM, C3850-NM-2-10G, C3850-NM-4-10G, C3KX-SM-10G, PVDM3-64, etc.)


Servers, Telecom hardware and other items

We routinely buy other items such as enterprise servers, fiber channel hardware, load balancers, firewalls, and other network appliances. If you aren't sure whether or not your equipment has value, or if you'd like to offer us a trade in towards other cisco hardware, please contact one of our purchasing representatives - we'd be happy to look over what you have and discuss your options.  (ASA5512, ASA5520, UCS, DELL, HP, etc.)